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At the heart of Dublin's art scene lies a deep-rooted passion for traditional crafts

At the heart of Dublin's vibrant art scene lies a deep-rooted passion for traditional crafts.

For over three centuries, No. 3 Crane Lane has stood as a testament to artistry and tradition. Since 1670, this venerable building has been both an artisan manufacturing shop and a cherished home to the Read family.

The Read family, world-renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, have been crafting tableware, cutlery, swords, and instruments for Dublins nobility, gentry, and grand tourists throughout this remarkable span of time.

Today, the legacy lives on. The Workshops at House of Read offer an authentic experience, inviting visitors to
immerse themselves in the rich history and craftsmanship of various trades.

Whether you're a curious traveller or a passionate enthusiast, our workshops provide a unique opportunity to explore the following disciplines:

Hands-on Chocolate Truffle Making Class

Delve into the delectable world of chocolate, where you'll learn the art of creating indulgent truffles from sumptuous ingredients.

Silverware & Antique class

Discover the secrets behind timeless silverware and explore the fascinating world of antiques.

Hands-on Perfumery class

Immerse yourself in the sensuous alchemy of scents and learn how to create your own unique fragrance.

The Botanical Mixology Workshop Class

The Botanical Mixology workshop classes are an exploration of flavour and a trip into the history and background of botanicals, bitters, Syrups and Cordials what they are and how you can use them.

Join us at The Workshops at House of Read and be part of a living tradition that celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship. Contact workshops@houseofread.ie or find us on Linktree.


Discover the Art of Chocolate: The Chocolatey Clare Truffle Making Workshop


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Calling all chocolate aficionados! Step into the opulent Red Room at the House of Read, where an indulgent experience awaits you. Here you will meet your host, the esteemed artisan chocolate maker Chocolatey Clare.

Why Chocolatey Clare?
  • Luxury Craftsmanship: Clare's work is a testament to luxury craftsmanship, meticulously built on principles of sustainability, respect, and kindness. Her creations are more than just chocolate, they're an embodiment of conscious elegance.
  • Vegan Delights: Every product from Chocolatey Clare is 100% vegan and hand-wrapped in stunning plastic-free packaging, a testament to our unwavering commitment to both taste and the planet.
  • A Love for Chocolate: Clare's passion for chocolate will delight and captivate you, as she shares her depth of knowledge and expertise.
What To Expect
  • Expert Guidance: Clare will expertly lead you through the process of crafting your own customized bag of exquisite chocolate truffles. Whether it's a personal treat or a heartfelt gift, these truffles will leave your taste buds dancing and your heart brimming with pride.
  • Cocoa Conversations: Engage in fascinating discussions about cocoa, from its origins to sustainable practices. Discover the stories behind each velvety bite.
  • Premium Quality: Clare's commitment to quality, excellence, and sustainability permeates every aspect of this workshop and weaves its magic through every moment.

Join us at the Chocolatey Clare Truffle Making Workshop and experience a captivating journey where luxury meets elegance, and joy is wrapped in chocolate.

If you have a food allergy or a special dietary requirement please inform a member of the hospitality team

Duration: one and a half hours
Terms & conditions apply

Unlock the World of Antiques: A Silver & Antique Adventure


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Are you an antique enthusiast with a penchant for history and craftsmanship? Join us for an exclusive workshop designed to ignite your passion for all things silver and antique.

What to Expect
  • Afternoon Treats, Talk, and Walk: We'll gather at The Workshops, where delightful afternoon treats await - think freshly brewed tea and aromatic coffee. It's the perfect setting to immerse ourselves in the world of antiques.
  • Guided Exploration: Meet John, our seasoned antique expert, who will lead an engaging talk on all things silver. Discover the fascinating context behind silver goods - their creation, use, valuation, and display during Georgian Ireland's storied past.
  • Reading Silver: Ever wondered how to decipher the secrets hidden within silver items? Attendees will learn to read the subtle clues, identifying when they were made and by whom.
  • Antique Quarter Excursion: After our enlightening discussion, we'll embark on a leisurely 10-minute stroll to Dublin's renowned Antique Quarter in the historic Liberties district. Here, treasures await - each store brimming with unique antiques waiting to tell their own tales.
  • Personalized Guides: As a participant, you'll receive a curated guide to each store, highlighting the types of antiques stocked. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious novice, this experience promises to enrich your understanding of the past.

Join us at The Silver & Antique Workshop and step into a world where history, elegance, and craftsmanship converge.

Duration: one and a half hours
Group bookings of 6 only
Terms & Conditions apply

Perfume Making Workshop with Benoit Nicol


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Welcome to the captivating world of perfumery! Join us for an unforgettable experience led by Benoit Nicol, the visionary founder of The Nature of Things, a premium essential oils company based in Dublin.

Benoit's journey began in his beautiful hometown in Brittany. As a young man eager to embark on new adventures, he began working with a French producer of natural extracts. This ignited his curiosity and passion for the wonderful world of natural oils and the positive effects they can have on our everyday lives. His exploration took him all around the world, learning from master distillers and renowned "noses". Now, he shares this wealth of knowledge and experience with you.

What To Expect
The Nose: A Symphony of Scent

Discover the fascinating role of the "nose" in the perfume industry. Learn how these olfactory artists blend science, art, and intuition to create exquisite fragrances. From identifying top notes to unravelling base accords, we'll delve into the secrets behind every iconic scent.

The Birth of a Perfume: Crafting Beauty from Essence

Step into the enchanting process of perfume creation. Investigate the delicate balance between creativity and precision. We'll explore the art of blending essential oils, absolutes, and botanical extracts. Witness the magic as raw materials transform into harmonious compositions.

Decoding Ingredients: A Sensory Adventure

Unlock your senses as we dive into the world of fragrance ingredients. Understand the nuances of each note, from the citrusy brightness of bergamot to the warm embrace of vanilla. Learn how to discern quality and appreciate the symphony of scents that dance upon your skin.

Hands-On Experience: Creating Your Signature Fragrance

Now, it's your turn! Armed with newfound knowledge, you'll embark on the exhilarating journey of crafting your own perfume. Mix, match, and experiment with our curated selection of essences. By the end of the workshop, you'll proudly hold a personalized spray bottle - your very own olfactory masterpiece to take home.

Join us at the Perfumery Workshop for an aromatic adventure - where science meets art, and passion becomes perfume. Reserve your spot today and leave with more than just a fragrance; leave with a memory etched in scent.
Duration: two hours
Group bookings only
Terms & conditions apply

The Botanical Mixology Workshop Class


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The Botanical Mixology workshop classes are an exploration of flavour and a trip into the history and background of botanicals, bitters, Syrups and Cordials what they are and how you can use them.


Jarrod Cuffe is a mixologist who founded www.offthecuffe.info in Dublin in 2016. Jarrod Cuffe believes in everything homemade and handcrafted and specialises in making flavours using organic herbs for syrups, shrubs (Kombucha), Kefir and infusions to producing vinegars, liqueurs and handcraft bitters.


Learn how to make and use your own mixers in a hands-on workshop. The session will begin with a brief background of bitters, some interactive experiments, and a tasting, so you can learn how to make and use botanicals in cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and in cooking.

What To Expect

Jarrod will be providing classes in tasting and blending of botanical extracts, and blending syrups and shrubs, you will learn about basic formulas, tools, and processes for making mixers with different botanicals. We will help you to craft your own unique blend to take home. We aim to show you how to recreate ancient Irish recipes that have been long forgotten to the winds of time, that can claim to aid in digestion, increase clarity of the mind and build fortitude of the body, or just make a seriously tasty drink.

Duration: two hours
Group bookings of 6 only
Terms & conditions apply