Nicky Wallace at
T.Read & Co.


Our tailor in residence Nicky Wallace bespoke and made to measure services are the hallmark of our personalised design philosophy.

Craftsmanship and precise details are combined for unique creations perfectly tailored to  your needs.


“My design philosophy is the creation of timeless elegance with traditional and avant-garde fabrics, refined details and meticulous quality. I seek to achieve the perfect combination of beauty and functionality in an attempt to bring to my clients a sense of feeling good and feeling beautiful”.

Made To

The Made to Measure service offers signature house cuts precisely tailored and personalised. Selected tailoring, blazers, eveningwear, overcoats, trousers and shirts are available in a choice of hundreds of fabrics. Made to Measure pieces are created over 6-8 weeks with 2-3 fittings.


Our Bespoke service allows for a truly curated approach to personalised tailoring. Modern tailoring are combined to create hand-cut garments that reflect the craftsmanship of T. Read & Co  and the needs of the client. Each piece is unique and every detail is considered.

Whether for a business suit, blazer, eveningwear, overcoat, trousers or shirt our master tailors will guide you through the process over several consultations.

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