Originally established as a cutlers in 1670, the Read family at No 4 Parliament Street are world renowned for the manufacture and sale of tableware, cutlery, swords and instruments for over 340 years for Dublin’s nobility, gentry and grand tourists. 

Thought also to be the spiritual home of the Guinness family, the building housed an artisan manufacturing shop and was a home to the Read family for over 340 years.


Following an extensive restoration and conservation programme, House of Read has crafted a careful balance between old and new to create a unique gentleman’s emporium.

As the only original merchant house and shop in Dublin, the building stands out amongst its neighbors in Dublin Castle and City Hall and cuts an impressive shape.


The ground floor boasts an impressive and exclusive shop, which is a like going through a time machine evoking more than a little nostalgic and a subtle luxurious oasis of colours and treats. 

Showcasing a range of Fine Irish Foods and Tableware products in original swan neck pediment cabinets, the scrubbed wooden floorboards lend an elegantly old-fashioned edge.